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Most Thorough Cleaning EVER
or it's FREE!!


Most Thorough Cleaning EVER
or it's FREE!!

Located in Pewaukee servicing Hartland and surrounding areas

That's my guarantee. And it's the best in the industry. I simply can't find a better way to convey the idea that with me, you have nothing to lose if you want your carpet clean. In recent years, carpet manufacturers finally got around to doing their own research. After spending millions of dollars, do you know what they found? What I do works best! Now you can see it for yourself, and I've removed all risk for you. And after the job is done, I don't just wait around, hoping no one complains. I call you back, ideally before 2 weeks after completion, to enforce my guarantee! I want everything to look just as good after it's dry as it does when I last see it, while it's still wet.

Here's what my guarantee means:

I'm not saying that no one else is as good; that would be arrogant. I'm saying no one and nothing else is better. I'm still uncomfortable saying things like "most thorough," or "world's best," but it's true. Differences in the way things are done don't matter - it's results that count.

If you even suspect something could be done that's more effective or more thorough, I want to know about it before I leave so I can address it then and there. If there's ever a problem after I leave I admit I'm human and come back to make it right. If I see anything I suspect might be permanent or cost extra to correct, I give you the benefit of my knowledge up front, BEFORE work begins. This way you know what to expect, and there are no "unpleasant surprises". If I can't deliver what I promised, I didn't earn my money so I give it back; but nobody's ever asked!

Along these lines, I want you to know I do NOT use "super-heated water", and for several very good reasons. There have been concerns that the use of water that was too hot might damage carpet. It was found that water and cleaning solutions used cool so quickly after making contact with carpet that temperature is not critical. This ALSO means that any supposed "benefit" of using super heated water/solution is not valid, because it doesn't stay that hot while in contact with the carpet long enough to do much. Primarily, super-heated cleaning methods have been sold as having some anti-microbial or disinfecting properties. While it's true that if you kept almost anything above 130 degrees long enough most microbes would be killed, the typical carpet cleaning scenario doesn't accomplish this even when they start with water that is 250 degrees or even hotter! The only chemist with a PhD. that is recognized as contributing to this industry, Dr. Aziz Ullah, has said that if you want to even consider that you're cleaning for health you MUST USE A FRESH WATER RINSE. This removes more of the irritants, dust mites, and other microscopic particles that build up in carpet than anything else, and is the best method to date. This also holds up under the scrutiny of laboratory testing by carpet manufacturers, which is why they now recommend it.

The only benefit of using super heated water is to the companies that use it. They know they can't remove the residue they leave behind without using a fresh water rinse, but they can dilute their cleaners much more if they use water as hot as they can get it. That way they don't leave as much residue behind because they don't use as much cleaner in the first place, and they hope they can get away with it. Of course this doesn't work as well in winter ... while my results are consistently better year-round! I invite you to see for yourself that the results of scientific research will also work in your home, but a complaint solely on the grounds of somebody else's water is hotter is not valid without a visible problem with your carpet. I do guarantee my results; again, nobody's ever asked for their money back because I'm as thorough as is humanly possible.

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