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Oriental Rug

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

When it’s time to hire a professional rug cleaning company, you want to make sure your investment is in good hands. At A-1 Carpet Cleaniing, I want to empower you to make the best choices for your carpets. I do more than just refresh your oriental rugs and remove harmful buildup. I also develop specialized treatment plans you can follow at home.

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A-1 Carpet Cleaning: Comprehensive Rug Cleaning Services

The secret to lasting results is a customizable process. As a carpet cleaning technician, I'll always begin with a comprehensive assessment to check your rug’s needs. From there, I determine the best methods for your type of rug. This process allows me to deliver outstanding results every time. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment by choosing my professional carpet cleaning services.

Use a Carpet Pad

Invest in a quality carpet pad to place under your rug. Doing so helps reduce wear and prevents the rug from sliding around when people walk on it.

Rotate Your Rug

You probably know how important it is to rotate your mattress. It’s also important to rotate your rugs. By doing so, you reduce wear and tear. Rotating your carpets also protects against discoloration and fading.

Spot-Treat Spills

Treat spills immediately after they happen to prevent stains from setting. Never rub the stain. Doing so embeds the food or drink into the fibers rather than removing it. Instead, gently blot the offending material with a sponge or absorbent towel and then call me to tackle the rest.

Commercial Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs liven up the look of a commercial space and protect the floors below. They also filter the air by trapping dust, bacteria, and allergens. While this means your air is purer, it also means your carpet is not. Any filtration system requires routine maintenance. Oriental rugs are no exception. Keep your employees and customers healthy and your business looking fresh with my oriental rug cleaning service.

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At the end of the day, there’s no replacing professional carpet cleaning services. It’s important to balance routine carpet care with regular treatments backed by knowledge and expertise. Our team has years of experience in the business. I know carpets.

Improve the look and health of your space.

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