Drapery Cleaning in Delafield

From sheer curtains that gently filter light to box pleat drapes that add structure to your space, drapery has a huge impact on a room. But when they accumulate dirt and dust, they give off the wrong impression.

A-1 Carpet Cleaning’s professionals know how important it is to welcome guests into your space. Keeping your curtains clean is an effective way to improve the environment in which you spend your time. With drapery steam cleaning technology and quality dry-cleaning solvents, we’re equipped to handle all your needs. You can’t go wrong when you hire our drapery cleaning company.

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A-1 Carpet Cleaning Provides Full Drapery Cleaning Services

Our technicians receive wide-ranging training so that they can attend to your drapery cleaning needs. With certified experts on staff, you can rest easy knowing we use the safest and most effective cleaning methods around. Using current cleaning technologies we will deep clean and preserve your drapery’s color, texture, and curvature.

In-Home Drapery Cleaning Services

We take pride in offering worry-free, drapery cleaning services. Our technicians are attentive to each fabric’s needs. We start by examining the type of material, and then we evaluate how dirty it is to develop an appropriate plan of action.

Nowadays, drapery can be made of almost any fabric. Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk are popular choices. But synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester have gained popularity over the last few decades. And these are just the materials! There are many different types of drapes: lined drapes, pleated drapes, sheer drapes—you name it!

Fabric, weave, and drape type determines whether we dry clean or steam clean your drapery. If your windows have trim, we bring extra care to make sure nothing gets caught in our machines. For both our on-site and our in-home drapery cleanings, we take care of removal and rehanging.

Commercial Drapery Cleaning Service

There’s a delicate balance between removing dust and removing the drapery’s protective coatings. Many manufacturers apply water-repellant or flame-retardant barriers to the fabric. This protects it from damages and helps them keep their structure. If not washed correctly, curtains will lose these coatings. And they might lose their shape as well!

We work hard to preserve the integrity of your drapery. Valances, swags, and tiers can be hard to remove and even harder to put back. Our commercial drapery cleaning services make steam cleaning drapery a breeze! Maintain the structure of your pleated drapes and the freshness that only a professional drapery cleaning company can provide.

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Tempting though it may be to rely on store-bought cleaning agents, your drapery deserves a professional clean. By investing in our expert drapery cleaning, we guarantee your curtains and drapes will look, smell, and feel cleaner. With the work of our specialists, your drapes will last longer.

We’re confident you’ll find our services competitive. Contact us now to learn more about our affordable cleaning solutions!