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How does carpet cleaning work?

The process begins with an assessment to determine whether dry or steam cleaning techniques are best suited for your carpet. If using dry techniques, we use specialized machines and low moisture solvents to remove stains.

If using the steam method, we introduce a combination of hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpet. This mixture penetrates the fibers to dislodge dirt and other particles. Then we extract the solution and the dirt, leaving your carpet clean as new.

What is the difference between a deep cleaner and a steam cleaner?

Deep cleaner and steam cleaner are often used interchangeably in the carpet cleaning industry. Many people think that steam cleaners—those that release steam—should only be used on hard surfaces.

When we talk about deep or steam cleaning in the carpet business, we’re actually referring to the method we described above, which is known as hot water extraction.

Does carpet cleaning work on all carpets and fabrics?

No matter the carpet or fabric, A-1 Carpet Cleaning has a technique to clean it. We have eco-friendly and organic carpet cleaning solutions for even the most delicate of materials. Before we begin each job, we inspect the carpet to determine the safest cleaning method to preserve your investment. By using dedicated treatments for each job, we make sure you get you the best results every time.

Do I need to vacuum before my service?

You should vacuum your carpets regularly, and doing this in preparation for my visit is the best way and time to review exactly what you want me to clean under, around, etc. Don't worry about moving big furniture, just clear breakables off it and I'll be able to tell you want me to clean under it. Leave your vacuum out and I'll get that part. If you're recovering from surgery or otherwise physically unable to push your vacuum PLEASE let me know and I'll do all this for you at a nominal cost.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

As long as it takes to do it right :) I do not rush any part of the process and if something takes longer than expected I'll still get it as clean as a human can get it. You will be getting unbeatable value! I can give you a better idea of how long it might take when I'm reviewing price in your home; my guarantee is the most thorough cleaning ever, not the quickest. My work will usually dry in six hours or less.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, I move furniture that you would like me to clean underneath. Insurance requires you to handle electronics, and removing breakables from furniture you would like me to move to clean underneath before I arrive is also good practice. If you’re concerned about a particular piece of furniture, please discuss this with me!

Why isn’t weekly vacuuming sufficient?

Manufacturers recommend vacuuming daily. While vacuuming removes surface dirt before it gets ground in, it’s not enough to eliminate all the dust, pollution, and other stuff you'd rather not think about that accumulates between the carpet’s fibers. My greater than 94% extraction rate with fresh water rinse penetrates the weave and extracts soil and allergens. My organic compounds eradicate bacteria buildup, which hurts air quality. You get a cleaner, healthier environment when I'm done.

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How long will it take my carpets to dry after carpet cleaning?

Drying time depends on a variety of factors, including temperature, humidity, airflow and carpet thickness. That said, my services return quicker drying times than many others—usually six hours or less. Avoid letting children and pets play on the carpet until it’s fully dry but it's perfectly safe.

How can I schedule a consultation?

By calling me now at (262) 993-0203! I'm happy to schedule a consultation for your home or business carpet cleaning. Why not get started now? If you get my voicemail I'm probably working in someone else's home so please talk to my voicemail just like it's me because it is, and I'll get to you ASAP, first come first served.

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